We practice 100% ingredient transparency and therefore don't have any proprietary ingredients.

There's nothing more ironic than a company claiming they're non-toxic or natural or sustainable, etc.. and then refusing to disclose their ingredients to consumers. For example, you might see "proprietary blend of essential oils" or "essential oil blend" on product labeling which doesn't tell you which essential oils are used in the product.

Companies will often omit certain ingredients from product labeling, especially when it comes to preservatives.  For example, let's say a product label says it contains jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and aloe vera gel. This is not transparent labeling because aloe vera gel will always have a preservative like sodium benzoate in it to keep it fresh. The label should say it contains jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel, and sodium benzoate. 

We label responsibly and let you know exactly what ingredients we use in our products because we believe you have the right to know. 

We also try to reduce our plastic use all the way up the waste stream and ask that our vendors package and ship our ingredients plastic-free. This request is not always possible for ingredient packaging; however, everything is shipped to us nearly plastic-free (no bubble wrap or styrofoam).


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