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I'm new to non-toxic deodorant. What do I need to know?

We've written several important posts that will give you a lifetime pass into the world of all things armpit.

 What sets the whipped deodorant apart? Our deodorant is: 

  • designed to protect human, animal and planet welfare
  • 100% plastic free-packaged, with a 100% compostable label made in USA
  • supporting non-profits through 5% of our quarterly profits 
  • certified organic/fair trade plant ingredients
  • clean. We use magnesium and baking soda produced and third party tested in the USA, for purity and potency
  • non-crumbly and non-greasy 
  • compatible with your skin's protective barrier 
  • vegan, gluten free, non-gmo and never tested on animals 
  • funk free: no propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, talc, synthetic fragrances, zinc ricinoleate, potassium alum (common ingredients in "natural" deodorants)
  • handmade in small batches 
  • shipped plastic-free 
  • women made, owned and operated 
  • extra groovy - bangin' for your body, bitchin' for the planet 

Why is your deodorant in a Jar? We chose to launch the whipped deodorant in a jar for several reasons:

1. Jars are way cool cause we can re-use them. Ours are 100% plastic-free.

2. The application is easy peasy- it's no different than putting on lotion or sunscreen. We live in an age where the media pushes their agenda that our bodies are considered unclean if they are not overly sterilized. This has contributed to the erroneous notion that normal things like touching our armpits is somehow gross. We reject this silliness because lovin' our body is downright awesome! 

3. The application can stimulate lymph circulation and drainage because we have precious lymph nodes in our armpits.  

4. When using a deodorant in a stick it's easy to over apply - the jar totally solves this issue. A little dab'll do!

 5. Reducing over application extends how many uses you can get out of one jar. Typically, a jar of whipped deodorant will last 2-4 months depending on the wearer.

What makes your deodorant whipped? We whip our ingredients together to create a smooth, fluffy, non-greasy, light texture that makes application creamy dreamy.  

You offer deodorant with baking soda and without; which one is for me? We recognize that everyone has different body chemistry, and there isn't a one size fits all deodorant. If you're not sensitive to baking soda, then we recommend our baking soda deodorant. If you're sensitive to baking soda (we use less baking soda compared to other brands) then try our magnesium deodorant. If you're new to non-toxic deodorant and haven't tried baking soda or magnesium based deodorants, you've got options!

Which deodorant works better; the one with baking soda or the one with magnesium? Everyone has different body chemistry based on diet, hormones, lifestyle, and genetics, so the pH in our underarms does vary. This means that there isn't a one size fits all deodorant. Some people love baking soda, some people don't like it. We were actually really sensitive to baking soda-based deodorants that were formulated with too much of it. For this reason, we use less baking soda in our products, and they work like a charm. If baking soda is just not your jam though, our magnesium deo is amaze. 

Where do you make the whipped deodorant? We hand make all the deodorants in Santa Cruz, California while gettin’ down to that sweet soul sound. 

Can the whipped deodorant be used anywhere else on the body besides the underarms? Hells yeah! Our whipped deodorant is totally multi-purpose. We use it on our pits and feet for deodorizing, on our inner thighs to help with chafing, and for underboob sweat (for external use only). 

How many uses are in a jar of whipped deodorant? Our whipped deodorant will last for approximately 2-4 months, depending on the wearer. If you’re not exclusively using it on your underarms, it won’t last as long.

How much do I need to use per application? Gently massage a pea-sized amount into your pits, a little dab'll do. Application can stimulate the lymphatic system, supporting circulation.  It can be tempting to over apply cause it's so creamy dreamy, but less is more. Over applying can throw off the pH in the armpit - not ideal.  Hot Tip: We love moisturizing our pits now and then during the day with our Love Ur Lymph body oil to support our skin's natural barrier function. 

Does one application last all day? Our bodies are all different when it comes to underarm stink factor. We have personally found that one application lasts all day unless we are EXTRA stress sweatin,' exercising, and other things that initiate perspiration...then we may apply twice per day. 

How often do you use deodorant? We only apply deodorant when we need to - usually when we know we're gonna be around other people like at work. It's really nice to give the pits a day or days off from deodorant. Just like it's refreshing to not wear makeup or put other things on our body all. the. time. Our skin is wise, alive and intuitive, and we find it best to trust it. Letting our pits be butt naked (not applying anything) once in a while is awesome. 

Can I put the whipped deodorant on after shaving? Applying deodorant directly after shaving can cause irritation. We suggest moisturizing your pits post shave with our Love Ur Lymph body oil, or with a carrier oil you may have at home, like sunflower, olive or jojoba. Waiting at least 30 minutes before putting on deodorant after shaving is always a good idea. If you're extra sensitive, try shaving at night,  and then applying deodorant in the morning. 

I'm experiencing irritation and/or dryness and/or redness after using the deodorant. Wassup? You could have an allergy to one or more of the ingredients -  stop using the deodorant and let those sweet pits rest. Or you're over applying and throwing off the pH in the pits - try applying less. To rebalance underarm pH, check tip #9 in our post. Your precious pits could be dry. Try moisturizing them in the morning, and then applying the deodorant. Make sure your razor is sharp for shaving and don't apply deodorant after shaving. It's important to gently exfoliate the underarms with a washcloth or dry brush weekly. 

I just switched from an antiperspirant to your deodorant, and I think I'm detoxing. What can I do? There are several things you can do to support your body through detox and beyond! We talked all about it on the blog.

My armpits are hairy. Does this affect application? Our formula is creamy and smooth, so in general it rubs into hairy pits quite well. 

Are you going to offer your deodorant in a travel size? Our deodorant meets travel size regulation. 

Your deodorant uses sunflower oil. Does it stain? Our formula absorbs so quickly that we have not experienced any significant staining. You may have noticed that we also don't use coconut oil, and that's partly because it can clog pores and is kind of a stain makin' machine. If you're still worried about it, check out our helpful post!

Many "natural" deodorants on the market use 1 or more oils and butters in their deodorants and for good reason. Plant oils are high in fatty acids which are paramount to proper skin hydration and supporting our skin's protective barrier. Watch out for DIY deodorant recipes that encourage applying straight up baking soda to the pits - it can dry the skin out, cause irritation, and throw the pH in your armpits off (make them more alkaline). 

My deodorant has slightly changed consistency/texture. What's up with that? Our deodorant contains pure organic plant ingredients, and we don't use any synthetic stabilizers. This means it can slightly change its consistency/texture in really hot or really cold weather. If your deodorant becomes a little melty in hot weather, stir it up and pop it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to reset the consistency.  If your deodorant becomes too hard in very cold weather, grab a little dab and press it gently on your pit to warm it up. Then massage it in. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. 

Crystallization happens when oils or butters melt during warm/hot weather and then cool back down too slowly. Our deodorant contains shea butter and its texture can become slightly crystalized/grainy if the jar is exposed to really hot weather. If your deodorant looks grainy, it hasn't gone bad; the shea has just formed little fat crystals that will melt immediately upon contact with the skin. To return your deodorant to its creamy dreamy texture, submerge it (make sure the lid is on tight) in a bowl of hot water and let sit for 15 minutes. Remove, stir it up, then pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes. 

Is the whipped deodorant safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women? All of our deodorants contain <1% of organic essential oils in their overall formulas. Not all essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy (especially in the 1st trimester) or while breastfeeding. We offer a "totally unscented' deodorant! Both our Main Squeeze and Mellow Magnesium deodorants contain citrus essential oils of sweet orange, lime and bergamot. These oils are generally considered safe to use during pregnancy; however, the decision to use products (including ours) with essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding is not ours to make. 

How much essentials do you use in your deodorant? We formulated our deodorant to work with the skin over long term use and thus use a low percentage of essential oils (<1% in overall formula) which results in a subtle aroma. Most of us use deodorant everyday, and our armpits are sensitive, so higher concentrations of essential oils can cause skin sensitization over long term exposure in some individuals. 

How do your deodorants work? Deodorants work because they contain "deodorizing" ingredients. Body odor is caused by bacteria that break down the fats and proteins in our sweat released from our apocrine glands in our armpits. Having a neutralizing and antibacterial ingredient in deodorant is what keeps odor causing bacteria at bay. The skin in our underarms is very delicate, and it needs to be taken care of properly. Magnesium hydroxide and baking soda (we use both in our deodorants) are both alkaline. If the skin becomes too alkaline, this can lead to irritation, dryness, and actually an increase in odor causing bacteria which thrive in an alkaline environment. The addition of nourishing sunflower oil, shea butter and non-GMO vitamin E (sunflower derived) in our deodorant, help to balance underarm pH and support the microbiota of the skin. 

What sets your body oil apart? Our body oil is:

  • designed to protect human, animal & planet welfare
  • 100% plastic-free packaged, with a 100% compostable label (made in USA)
  • supporting non-profits through 5% of our quarterly profits  
  • 100% certified organic plant ingredients
  • non-greasy & easily absorbed 
  • formulated to support lymphatic circulation and drainage 
  • non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • compatible with your skin's protective barrier 
  • vegan, gluten free, non-gmo and never tested on animals 
  • funk free: no solvents, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, phenoxyethanol (common ingredients in "natural" body oils)
  • handmade in small batches 
  • shipped plastic-free 
  • women made, owned and operated 
  • extra groovy - bangin' for your body, bitchin' for the planet 

How do you apply the body oil? Simply pour a little bit in the palm of your hand and apply to skin, massaging in a circular motion towards the heart. Applying to damp skin after bathing enhances absorption. We use the body oil from head to toe. It's perfect for moisturizing all skin types. It can also be used on the hair to hydrate and tame. Try adding a few drops to the bath or combining with sugar for an unreal body scrub. 

Can I use the body oil on my face & neck? Absolutely! It's especially great if you're experiencing normal, dry, oily, combination,  mature, or blemish prone skin. Please keep away from the eyes, there are essential oils in the body oil. 

Is the Love Ur lymph body oil safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women? Our body oil contains essential oils. A 2% dilution is considered safe for healthy adults, but we use even less (a <1.5% dilution of organic essential oils in the overall formula). Not all essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy (especially in the 1st trimester) or while breastfeeding. We use sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils in our Love Ur Lymph body oil , which are generally considered safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding; however, the decision to use any products with or without essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding is not ours to make. Please consult your doctor. 


What ingredients are in your deodorant? Our ingredient lists can be found on our product pages, or you can get the skinny here.

Are all your ingredients earth safe? Oh hells yes! We examined the ecotoxicology of all our ingredients to make sure that they were safe, and they most certainly are! We take this very seriously, as many body care companies formulate with ingredients that bioaccumulate in your body, in the environment, and harm wildlife.

Are your products fragrance-free? Yep, totally free of synthetic fragrances. We only use organic essential oils in our body oil and deodorants. We also offer an unscented deodorant for those who don’t like scented products.

Is the baking soda in your deodorants aluminum-free? All baking soda is aluminum-free. Baking powder can contain aluminum ( we don't use this). 

Are your deodorant & body oil ingredients plastic-free? We ask that all our vendors package and ship our ingredients plastic-free; however, this request is not always possible, but we are working hard to inspire our ingredient manufacturers. We believe in reducing our plastic consumption all the way up the waste stream. Any plastic packing that we do receive we donate to UPS to be reused. 

Do you use palm oil? nope! Palm oil and its derivatives are the main drivers of deforestation, species extinction, and habitat loss in South East Asia. We know about certified "sustainable palm oil," but it's not super clear how and if certification is actually enforced. We don't feel comfortable contributing to the palm oil industry. 

Are your products nut-free? Nope. We use shea butter and oil, which are made from a nut. If you have an allergy to shea or any of our other ingredients, please do not use. 

Why don't you use coconut oil in your deodorants and body oil? We love coconut oil AND decided not to use it in our products because of its potential to clog pores, stain clothing, and fluctuate consistency. 

Many "natural" deodorants use both shea and coconut oil, but we've found that shea butter is all we need. Instead of having two ingredients (shea and coconut oil) both shipped to us from very far away, we only use unrefined organic and fair trade shea butter that comes from a very special village in Northern Ghana. 

Is your deodorant organic? We freakin love organic for health, ethical, and environmental reasons! All of the ingredients in our whipped deodorants are certified organic and/or fair trade, save the magnesium hydroxide, baking soda (cannot be certified organic) and the wild harvested candelilla wax which are still super duper high quality. More...

Is your body oil organic? Our body oil contains 100% certified organic ingredients. You can read about them and their benefits here. 

Are your products vegan, gluten-free & non-gmo? Abso-freakin-lutely! 

Are your products cruelty-free? Of course! We freakin’ love animals and would never test on them. We would also never work with a vendor who comprises animal welfare.  

Are you ingredient transparent? 

There's nothing that grinds our gears more than a company claiming they're non-toxic and then refusing to disclose their ingredients to consumers because they choose to use proprietary ingredients - look out for greenwashing!

We keep it real and give you the skinny on ALL the ingredients that we use in our products because we have nothin' to hide and believe you have the RIGHT to know. 


What is the whipped deodorant packaged in? It’s packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid made in the USA, and it does not contain a plastisol, foam, or foil liner. In an effort to conserve resources, we chose not to package our jar in an additional branded box because it would just get thrown away. The jar can be reused (check out our ideas), and as a last resort, placed in the recycling bin. 

What is the body oil packaged in? The Love Ur Lymph body oil is packaged in a glass bottle with a metal lid that does not contain a plastisol, foam, or foil liner. In an effort to converse resources, we chose not to package our body oil in an additional branded box because it would just be thrown away. The bottle can be reused and as a last resort placed in the recycling bin. 

The body oil does not have a pump- wassup with that? We are committed to 100% plastic-free packaging, and pumps are made from plastic and cannot be recycled. If you have an extra pump laying around at home that you can attach to the bottle to reuse, we think that's rad.

Are your labels compostable or recyclable? You're stoked! Our labels are all 100% compostable and recyclable. This includes the label material, ink, and adhesive! Damn, that's freakin' hard to beat.

Can you explain the cost of your deodorant? Something to keep in mind is that our deodorant does last 2-4 months (depending on the wearer). Some people find it more affordable when they re-prioritize their spending. Simply making coffee and/or lunch at home to bring to work instead of dining out can save money. When you purchase our deodorant you can rest easy knowing that you're voting for human, animal and planet welfare. We like to give back, so we donate 5% of our quarterly profits to non-profits! We use organic and fair trade ingredients, package in glass instead of plastic, our label is 100% compostable and recyclable, we ship plastic-free, and everything is made in small batches. Thank you for supporting us and voting with your dollar for a cleaner and plastic-free-er world.

Why plastic-free? Plastic is not part of nature’s food chain, meaning it will never biodegrade or be resumed by the earth. Plastic photodegrades (breaks down when it is exposed to light), and now many plastics oxo-degrade into tiny pieces called microplastics. Totally not cool man. This also means that all the plastic that has ever been made still exists, even if we can't see all of it.

Plastic is made from petroleum, natural gas and chemicals. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors, and wreak a catastrophic amount of problems on our health, the health and well-being of animals, and our precious environment. Furthermore, less than 8% of plastic is actually recycled (downcycled), so most of it ends up in landfills, is incinerated, or is added to the 5 enormous garbage gyres currently polluting our oceans. We believe that it’s not just the consumer's responsibility to refuse plastic, but also the manufacturer's duty to package with the health of people and planet in mind first. We make things simple by offering our products plastic-free, because quite frankly, we give a damn.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products and the information on these pages are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.