After years of working in the natural retail/health & beauty industry and re-discovering my own relationship with the Earth, I found there weren't many choices for plastic-free and chemical-free skin care. I started learning more about the healing power of plants and their history. This would not have been possible without the generational wisdom and knowledge from Indigenous people all over the world, who have cultivated and continue to cultivate reciprocal relationship with plants and the earth.

I began making products for myself, friends and family which led me to where I am today - making small batch organic skin care for you! My background in skincare, herbalism and nutrition lends itself to the thoughtful formulation of each product. From renewability and purity of ingredients to plastic-free design and packaging, everything I make is intended to invite nature into your home, creating a ritual that awakens and nourishes your body and senses, leaving you feeling connected to the magic and joy of the earth. 

Plants are family.  


 Founded in 2017