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Vetiver Rose Incense Bundle


A handmade bundle of vetiver roots, rosebuds and chrysanthemum flower to ground, nurture, and bring tranquility and peace to your space and heart. 

3" or 6" stick 

Vetiver has a sweet, earthy, herbaceous, warm and woody aroma and is deeply relaxing, grounding, and balancing.

Rose symbolizes, love, comfort and connection and smells divine. 

Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, happiness and wellbeing. 

Ritual: Light your bundle over a burn-safe dish (see the offering dish) until a small flame has caught. Then lightly blow on the flame until it goes out and let smoke on the dish as you would incense.  Do not leave unattended. 

Note: Each bundle will vary slightly as the flowers can be different shapes and sizes. 

Wrapped with cotton twine 〰 flowers & vetiver are certified organic 

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