Our Pledge in the Fight Against Racism and Injustice [READ MORE]

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Our Story

We were both livin' circular lifestyles when we met at our local grocery store in 2016. It was love at first sight o...

Black Lives Matter

Dear Funk Free Family, As two privileged white women living in Santa Cruz, CA, we can only begin to imagine the in...

What to Expect when switching to whipped deodorant

Whether you're switching from an antiperspirant or from a "natural" deodorant to our whipped deodorant, we're here to...

Dry Brushing + Body Oil

The lymphatic system is the body’s secondary circulatory system, and it needs to keep moving for optimal health. The ...

Body chemistry: why do I smell bad?

Body odor is little more complex than you might have guessed...

Antiperspirants Vs. Deodorants

They aren't the same thing and they work in different ways to keep us from smelling bad

16 ways to reuse your deodorant jar

Hello there, Keep on keepin’ on and upcycle (reuse/repurpose) your deodorant jar in whatever way proves most useful ...

How to care for your clothing

You've made the choice to switch to a totally non-toxic and plastic-free deodorant -  we freakin' love that! Most lik...

10 ways to reduce body odor

Body odor can be influenced in many different ways...
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