Song of Calendula

Calendula beauty ever glowing, a bright sun in a sea of green. Woven in between the redness of tomatoes and our friend the ladybug, you open every morning to greet the dawn, unfurling your petals to soak in the sun. Pools of light fill your form like honey dripping from a humming hive, you are alive with daybreak and the splendor of the meadow. As evening comes you curl away, leaving the warmth to rest until it's time again to play. 

Happiness wells up in us when we see your flower - gold and yellow hush the storm and we overflow as sunshine escapes our mouths and eyes in a smile. You hold us in the dark, a spark healing our thoughts and soothing our sorrows. We borrow your light and share your healing gifts with others and you gently lift our spirits and sing us into each morning, teaching us joy.

Take care of plants for they take care of us. Share them, love them, nurture them, grow them.

Plants are family. 

~ ~ 

Calendula flowers have a long history of use both topically, internally and spiritually (Hindu statues in temples adorned with golden blossoms). Calendula contains many antioxidant groups including lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene, quercitin, and rutin which all benefit the skin. Calendula is nourishing and healing for minor skin irritations and its anti-inflammatory properties support inflamed skin, and swollen lymph nodes. It is incredibly gentle, soothing for rashes, sunburns, and dry skin. 

Calendula holds a special place in our heart and we are honored to use it in our products and hope you enjoy them. 

~ Offerings with Calendula ~

Sunrise Body Oil, Sweet Orange & Grapefruit

Sea Salt Body Scrub, Sweet Orange & Bergamot