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Menstrual Ally Gift Bundle


A collection of our favorites for menstrual cramp relief and comfort. 

Our Sunset body oil contains clary sage, hemp oil and castor oil which support circulation, a healthy inflammatory response, hormone balance, muscle cramps and spasms. 

Date better java bar is the perfect yummy treat when the sweet cravings hit. 

Wooden Spoon Herbs cramp control supports and soothes menstrual cramps, helps to ease PMS symptoms, promote a sense of calm and supports a balanced cycle. 

We gift wrap in compostable tissue paper and include dried flowers and a packet of our organic calendula seeds.

If you'd like us to add a handwritten note, please let us know at checkout. 


  Sunset Body Oil 

  Date Better Java 

 Wooden Spoon Herbs Cramp Control 

(ceramic bowl not included)

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