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Our Story


Hello there!
We’re a super small biz comprised of two fun-loving women who want to help protect people and the planet from toxic chemicals and plastics.
Our commitment is to provide you with totally awesome and effective products that bring a smile to your face and might even make you think “hey, I’m gonna break up with some of the other toxic chemicals and plastics that are still in my life and reconnect with the planet.”
No presh, but super exciting when you get hooked on nature and wanna protect it. Nature teaches us how to be in relationship - we see how closely connected the things we do everyday impact our health and the world around us. 
Any change we make for the health of people and the planet is incredible. Truly. Keep on being your badass self.
We thank you for supporting our biz which in turn supports others - we donate 5% of our quarterly profits to non-profits that are driving positive social and environmental change in the world.
Do we dance on the job you ask? Hotdamnyoubetterbelieveit!
Love ya!
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