Meet The Founder


After many years of working in the natural foods/wellness industry and re-discovering my own relationship to the planet, I found there weren't many choices for plastic-free and non-toxic skin care and started making products for myself, friends and family. This led to wanting others in my community and beyond to be able to experience earth safe, nutrient dense and effective products too! My background in herbal medicine and nutrition lends itself to the thoughtful creation of each product. From the ingredients and sourcing, to the therapeutic benefits and packaging, my goal is to provide you with non-toxic and plastic-free products that are bangin' for your body and bitchin' for the planet!

In this time, many of us have become disconnected from nature (even though we are a part of it). One way I believe we can reconnect with the planet is through our food (what we eat and what we put on our bodies). When using The Circular Living Co.'s nutrient dense nature forward skincare, the hope is that it’s a little reminder of how everything is connected. Supporting small batch earth safe skin care is just one way to protect what we love - our earth home that we all share.