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What to Expect when switching to whipped deodorant

Whether you're switching from an antiperspirant or from a "natural" deodorant to our whipped deodorant, we're here to support you and give you the skinny on all things armpit. Our armpits are special and sadly one of the most under appreciated parts of the body. We give so much attention to our face with with all kinds of creams and lotions, facials and massages, but our pits are often forgotten....We don't check on them, moisturize them, and give them all the love that they deserve. We're here to help change that! 

If you've been using an antiperspirant and want to switch to our whipped deodorant, you've got some options. It’s not uncommon for the body to go through a detoxification period when switching from an antiperspirant to a non-toxic deodorant. I mean you’ve just pooped up your lymph system with chemicals and stopped yourself from sweating for who knows how long...your body wants to release all those toxins, and how does it do that? By sweating them out. 

The detox period (if any) can last anywhere from 1-5 days or 2-3 weeks depending on the person. It’s important to allow this transition to happen and to not give up on non-toxic deodorant if it doesn't work for your body right away (aka if you still smell bad).

Option 1: Stop using antiperspirant and then don't use any deodorant for 1-2 weeks to allow your body to sweat everything out. 

If you choose option 1 during detox you could experience increased sensitivity in the pits while releasing toxins, extra sweat as the body continues to rid itself of impurities, and more odor causing bacteria than usual.

Option 2: Start using the whipped deodorant right away

If you choose option 2 during detox and decide to use the whipped deodorant straight away but experience irritation, redness or rashes, that's not a part of the debated detox. As with any product, please discontinue use immediately if rash, irritation or any discomfort happens. Our whipped deodorants are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, keepin' you fresh and ready for all the fun. 

Whipped Deodorant 

Everyone has different body chemistry and unique skin, so there isn't a one size fits all deodorant. In an effort to provide you with more options, we offer two deodorants. One uses baking soda to neutralize odor causing bacteria, and the other uses magnesium. If baking soda irritates your skin, then our 'Mellow Magnesium' deodorant might be right for you.

You may have noticed that we offer our whipped deodorant in a glass jar. That's partly because we hands down LOVE the application process. We have lymph nodes in each armpit - giving them a gentle massage when we apply our deodorant or when we gently dry brush our pits and moisturize them with body oil can stimulate circulation and detox. We think that's pretty effin' cool. 

You may have also noticed that we don't use any comedogenic oils (pore clogging) like coconut oil in our products, and that's because we absolutely don't want to clog our pores and stain our clothing. Our skin is our largest organ, and it's incredibly important to let. it. breath. and. sweat. Sweating is essential for lymphatic health and drainage. 

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