Our Story

Our Story

We were both livin' circular lifestyles when we met at our local grocery store in 2016. It was love at first sight of a reusable container! 

We quickly discovered our shared passion for a pollution-free world, which led to talkin' about plastic packaging and toxic chemicals in cosmetics. We think it's messed up that the cosmetic industry in the United States is completely unregulated. Anyone can make a product with any combination of toxic chemicals and put it on the shelf to sell to us. Out of the 12,000 cosmetic chemicals used, only 3 are banned and 8 restricted by the FDA. Even though research has shown time and time again that the majority of these chemicals used are responsible for serious health and environmental problems, there still continues to be no laws prohibiting their use. 

Our frightening dependency on plastic (bottled water, food/cosmetic packaging, synthetic clothing, etc.) is contributing to a massive global pollution crisis. Sittin' tight and lettin' pollution continue is not our jam. We like solutions that inspire action! So, when you buy our deodorant, body oil, or anything else we bring to market, you are making a contribution to a cleaner, plastic-free-er world. 

In fact, we give a damn so much that we're donating 5% of all our quarterly profits to stellar organizations that are in alignment with our values. We're talkin' about real funkin' change and movements like Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of businesses, orgs, and individuals working towards a world free of plastic pollution. 

At The Circular Living Co. we do things with a circular mind+ heart set, coming together and building a coalition to save the ocean, shores, and land of this beautiful planet we all call home. From small changes like drinking coffee in a reusable cup, choosing package free when possible, and puttin' on some deodorant, we see how closely connected the things we do everyday impact our health and the world around us.

We've worked with our local community to bring awareness to the harm of single-use plastic coffee cup lids, encouraged people to bring their own cups for beer at local events, and influenced local plastic-free shopping and corporate waste management practices. We celebrate going slow, being kind, and supporting one another. We believe in progress not perfection, because every little positive change we all make adds up to a tangible difference. 

We aren't funkin' around! Our commitment is to provide you with products that are ecologically and socially responsible. We're stoked to have you join in on this journey, where together we can further advocate for a plastic-free and non-toxic world. Keep it simple, non-judgmental, and get the funk out!

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