Circular Living®

Circular Living®

Circular Living® is a mind and heart set, centered on openness and the discovery into our relationship with the earth.

As all life on our planet is connected, interdependent, and moves through cycles of life, death and rebirth, we've created the term "Circular Living” and applied it to our lifestyle because it best represents our way of being in the world. We like respecting all life on this earth and living as holistically as we can - like a circle, like the planet, and closin' the loop. 

We are not separate form the earth, yet we have separated ourselves from it. Instead of modeling our lives and our economy after nature (circular) where everything is able to be safely resumed and turned back into a vital resource, we have chosen a model of extraction, exploitation, pollution, & disposal (linear). We rely on the planet for our survival and happiness and have taken so much from the earth without giving much back. This is a call to action to change our mind/heart set. 

We have noticed that viewing the world and our choices through a circular (holistic) lens helps us connect with the earth, ourselves and our community.  Circular Living is inspiring us to discover fun and creative ways to protect what we love.

We approach Circular Living as a journey and not a destination. As we become more aware of our daily habits and their impact, it's about progress, not perfection. It's about connecting with our food & what we put on our bodies, getting outside, sharing resources, and reducing our plastic footprint by bringing value back to the things we use.

We are inspired by nature to live this way and to use our voice and actions to drive positive, kind, social and environmental change.