Body chemistry: why do I smell bad?

Why do I smell bad? A worthy question when it comes to battling underarm stink. I mean, how can we eliminate body odor if we don’t actually understand what’s causing it, right?! We have sweat glands all over our amazing bodies. The glands in our pits are called “apocrine” glands, and while the sweat they release is odorless, it contains some extra fatty acids and proteins which cause major trouble. When sweat from our apocrine glands touches our skin, the bacteria on our skin begin to feed off of it....It's this totally normal process that produces underarm odor. The rest of our sweat glands are called “eccrine” glands, and they are responsible for keeping us cool - a process called thermoregulation. Sweat from our eccrine glands has a different chemical makeup that does not result in stink. Think about it, when you work out it’s not your face that smells, it’s the pits baby, and now we’ve got em’ covered!  

Everyone sweats - it’s completely natural and healthy! Body chemistry and the smell coming from our underarms is a diverse situation, because it's heavily influenced by what we eat/drink, our hormones, genetics, our physical activity, our lifestyle, and of course our emotions. We would never want to work against our body and prevent sweating (like antiperspirants do). 

There are many things that we can do to deodorize our bodies from the inside out. Check out our post. And of course we can wear the funk-free deodorant! We recognize that our bodies are different, which means our deodorant might not work with your chemistry and that's ok. You do you, baby! That being said, we (and all of our friends/family) tested our whipped deodorant while sweating it out in hot yoga, going on epic bike rides, slangin' beers at the local brewery, hiking, surfing, skateboarding, and of course gettin' down to that sweet soul sound...and the verdict? That sh** works. We love our funk free™ whipped deodorant and hope you do, too!

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