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Black Lives Matter

Dear Circular Living Family,
As two privileged white women living in Santa Cruz, CA, we can only begin to imagine the injustice, trauma, terror, and persistent pain that Black Americans experience every single day. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for racial justice. Black Lives Matter.
It is uncomfortable to admit to ourselves and to you that we have not shown up enough, not spoken out enough, not listened enough, not committed to self reflection and doing the work. It is outrageous that it took the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and not the hundreds of innocent Black folks who were murdered before them for us to open our eyes and see that we are part of the problem- ignoring racial injustice and not being actively anti-racist is white supremacy. 
Continuing to turn a blind eye and not committing fully to doing the work because we have the white privilege to be able to opt out and disengage as we please is completely unacceptable. We have work to do as individuals and as a company. We haven’t and won’t always get it right, and we pledge to admit when we mess up - thank you for holding us accountable as we grow. We need to make anti-racism a core part of who we are - this will be a lifelong journey.
We will: 
* Use our personal and business platforms to speak out against racial injustice  
* Donate money when we can and continue to give 5% of our quarterly profits to non-profits  fighting for social and environmental justice
 * Highlight the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color on social media and with our friends and family
* Support more Black owned businesses, especially within our local community 
* Continue to educate ourselves about institutionalized racism and our white privilege
* Be empathic, listen, keep an open mind and heart
* Have difficult conversations - speak up against overt racism and micro-aggressions
* Get comfortable being uncomfortable 
* Share resources 
* Talk about anti-racism with friends and family 
* Vote 
This is but the beginning of our commitment to do better, and we will continue to share with you all as we learn and grow along the way. 
We welcome your thoughts and feedback at hello@circularlivingco.com 
With love,
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