Antiperspirants Vs. Deodorants

Say what?! Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same thing, and they both work in very different ways to keep us from smelling bad.

Antiperspirants sweat shame you - like sweating is a bad thing. Totally not cool.  Listen, we sweat to release toxins and to regulate our body temp, so fighting the healthy processes of the body with antiperspirants is not sensible. Antiperspirants all contain toxic chemicals which are a huge bummer for our bodies and the environment. You may have heard that aluminum salts are a no no in your underarms? Yep, Aluminum salts are the active ingredients in antiperspirants; they block and clog up the apocrine glands in the armpits to prevent you from doing what's natural, SWEATING (for some not so light reading about aluminum salts click here, here, and here).

Antiperspirants often contain parabens, a group of synthetic preservatives that wreak havoc on the endocrine system. Wait, there’s more! In addition to stopping perspiration, antiperspirants often contain talc, synthetic fragrances, petrolatumphthalates, ethanolamine compounds, and a ton of other toxic chemicals. Triclosan is a great example, classified as a pesticide, it's used in antiperspirants for its antibacterial properties. Research has shown that it may bind to estrogen and/or androgen receptors and thus may act as an endocrine disruptor. Oh funk no! 

Deodorants embrace sweating, allowing the skin to breathe. This is crucial! Deodorants neutralize odor and fight odor causing bacteria on the skin. Goodbye stink! Not all “natural deodorants” are created equal. Many contain phenoxyethanol, talc, synthetic fragrances, and propylene glycol, a petroleum product and solvent used for its humectant and antibacterial properties. It’s totally gross, can cause contact dermatitis, is a suspected neurotoxin, and is the main ingredient in antifreeze. Funk that! We care about your body and the planet and would never use any kind of toxic-chemicals in our deodorant or in any of our other products. Our whipped deodorant lets you do what's natural, while keeping you feeling fresh and funk-free, baby!

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