16 ways to reuse your deodorant jar

Hello there,

Keep on keepin’ on and upcycle (reuse/repurpose) your deodorant jar in whatever way proves most useful for you. We think reusing is smart, sensible, and sexy. When we choose to reuse we reduce waste - smart. When we reuse, we conserve resources and the planet thanks us - sensible. When we reuse it looks good and feels amazing - sexy. 


  1. If our compostable label doesn't peel right off, soak jar in hot water. If the label is wet, compost it. If it’s dry, recycle it or compost it. 
  2. Wash jar and lid
  3. Repurpose or recycle 

Here are some fun ways we've upcycled the jar. We'd love to see what you do, too! 

  1. Regrow scallions. Add water to the jar, submerge the roots and watch those babies grow! 
  2. Store herbs and spices
  3. Store foods, like hot sauce, salad dressing or anything else you have a little left of
  4. Use for a DIY creation like body balm, toothpaste, or a face mask
  5. Use as a succulent planter
  6. Store seeds from the garden
  7. Make a simple pour candle 
  8. Office organization - store paper clips, rubber bands, etc…
  9. Sewing organization - store buttons, pins, needles, etc..
  10. Store snacks for on the go. A handful of nuts, or seeds fits perfectly in the jar!
  11. Bathroom organization - store bobby pins, hair ties, etc..
  12. Use as a tea light candle holder
  13. Use as a measuring cup. Our 2 oz. jar equals ¼ cup!
  14. Turn the jar upside down and use as a biscuit/cookie cutter
  15. Use as a shot glass
  16. Use for toiletries while traveling. We don’t need to buy new products for traveling just because they are in a smaller “travel size.” Reusing small jars by filling them up with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. is kinder to the planet.

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